Educational Extras

Whether your students are in Primary education, Secondary education or beyond, if you visit one of our venues there are often added extras we can provide that will enhance your students’ understanding.

  • Question and Answer Sessions: Discussing productions with cast members, the director or technical crew of a performance provides your students with a detailed explanation of how a production comes together. If you let us know you’re coming to see a performance, we can liase with the company and see what we can arrange. At our visual arts venues we can arrange for Exhibition Officers to meet your group and have a chat about the work on show in detail. If your students want to see how a professional arts venue works we are also happy to arrange tours of the venue and interviews with staff members (from Venue Managers to members of the Technical team or Box Office Staff.)
  • Workshops: Often companies offer educational workshops in connection to their work which can be conducted at the venue or sometimes in your own school/ college. Some venues will offer special Workshop & Ticket packages to make the trip as educationally rich and inexpensive as we can. The National Centre for Craft and Design in Sleaford also offers tailor made workshopsto link in with your visit, and their trained facilitators can deliver bespoke packages for a variety of ages and abilities. The Collection’s interactive INVESTIGATE participation programme recently received a national Sandford Award for excellence.
  • Teacher’s Resource Packs: Particularly relevant for Primary and Secondary schools, a lot of the time we can provide resource packs with information, ideas for activities and discussion points connected to your visit that link with the cirriculum. The National Centre for Craft and Design has just launched an Explorer Pack for primary children that will enable your class to interact with the exhibitions like never before.

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