LOV & Education

Lincolnshire’s arts venues showcase a variety of professional, educationally relevant arts events that are nationally acclaimed for their high standard. Our mission is to make it as easy (and inexpensive) as possible for educational institutions to make the most of the arts venues on their doorstep.

Through our new Young People’s Programme we hope to expand the offer that LOV venues can make to all educational institutions and will keep you up-to-date with any opportunities here.

If you would like further information about anything mentioned in this section, or to find out how to get involved in the new Young People’s Programme please contact the Project Manager, Chloe Brown on 077664 22682 or email lincolnshireonevenues@gmail.com

LOV-ED: Lincolnshire One Venues for Arts in Education

Before the start of every Spring and Autumn season at our venues, we send out a LOV-ED fold out leaflet to every secondary school in the county. This features a chart of educationally relevant events coming up at the LOV Venues for subjects like Art, Music, Drama and English, along information about how your students can use our venues to get involved in the arts. Please see an example of our past LOV-ED leaflets below.

Click here to see the LOV-ED Secondary Schools Print Spring 2011

Discounted student tickets at many LOV Venues

To find out about ticket deals available to students please click here.

Educational Extras

 If you come to one of our venues to see a performance or visit an exhibition, there are often added extras we can provide that will enhance your students’ understanding. Click here to find out more.

Teacher’s Feedback

We welcome feedback from teachers. Please leave your comments, questions and suggestions here.


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