What to Expect When You Visit Us

If you’ve never been to a theatre, arts centre or gallery before you might not know what to expect- it could even seem a bit daunting. Here’s a guide for your first visit to help you through the basics.  If you’re still unsure about anything, e-mail us at lincolnshireonevenues@gmail.com and we’ll happily answer your questions.

If you’re visiting a performing arts venue (e.g a theatre):

  •  If you want to go to a live show or film at a venue, you can buy tickets for it by ringing up their Box Office, ordering them online on the venue’s website, or you can buy it when you arrive on the night. You can also often reserve tickets, and then pay when you get there on the night. When you arrive, unless you’ve asked for your tickets to be posted to you then you just go up to box office and collect them. Easy peasy!
  • If you haven’t brought a ticket before, Box Office might ask for a few of your basic details so we can register you. It’ll make the process quicker if you ever book for another show, we don’t pass on any of your details and we won’t send you anything unless you want us to.
  • Unlike a cinema, you will probably be given a specific seat to sit in (don’t worry though- there will usually be ushers to guide you to the right place.) This is to give people greater choice when they book, so if you ring to book for a show you can actually say where you want to be seated.
  • It’s probably best to arrive around half an hour to fifteen minutes before a performance starts, just so you’ve got plenty of time to nip to the loo, get a drink and find your seat.
  • Once the performance starts, the lights will go down. If you’re running late then you might be asked to wait for a suitable moment before they let you in so the performance isn’t disturbed.
  • There will probably be an ‘interval’ or break in the middle of the show, usually about 15-20mins in length. Just enough time to pop to the toilet or buy an ice cream ready for the second half =)
  • People will clap at the end of the performance. You don’t have to join in, but if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen it’s a nice way to show it!

If you’re visiting a Visual Arts Venue (e.g an Art Gallery):

  • Entry to our LOV Visual Arts venues are free, but they’ll be a reception desk in the entrance to the building when you arrive in case you want to pick up any information or ask any questions. If you have any queries, no matter how daft you think they are, just ask.
  • Members of staff will let you look around at your own pace so take as long as you like.
  • There will be information about exhibitions etc as you walk around, but staff will have loads of knowledge about the work so if you want to know more feel free to ask them.
  • Remember to pick up information about special events coming up so you don’t miss out on great events happening at the venue. You could also ask about upcoming workshops if you want and pick up a new skill!

And there we go, you’ve breezed through your first visit to an arts venue!


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