Stuff for young people

Ok, let’s be honest here. Ask a young person in the area if they think there’s a lot to do in Lincolnshire and the answer might well be “no.”

Before you write us off though, give us a chance to show you that there’s actually tons of stuff available to young people that you might not even know about (like incredible shows, fantastic workshops and seriously cheap ticket deals).  And guess what? If there’s still nothing you like going on, we’ll give you the chance to do something about it.

Time for a myth busting session:

  • “Arts Events are boring”

We admit the term ‘Arts Events’ sounds a bit stuffy, but look past that and you’ll see our venues have some seriously amazing stuff going on. We’ve done grafiti workshops, we run regular breakdancing/ hip hop dance sessions, we host Soundlincs workshops where you can learn loads from DJ skills to how to write and record your own music- and that’s just for starters. Give our workshops and group page a look to find out more.

  • “No big names come to Lincolnshire”

– Nhah! How wrong you are. Recent visitors include Mock The Week’s Russell Howard at the Drill Hall, comedians Jimmy Carr and Ed Byrne at the Meres Leisure Centre (run by the Guildhall Arts Centre in Grantham), Al Murray and Britain’s Got Talent stars Flawless at the Embassy Theatre in Skegness and comedian Russell Kane at the South Holland Centre in Spalding. So there.

– Even if we don’t always have people you’ve heard of doesn’t mean the things we are showing aren’t worth seeing. We dare you to give something new a try- you just might find it knocks the socks off what you’re used to.

  • Theatres, Arts Centres and Galleries are for  “Old, rich people who like to go to quiet places and clap” (an actual quote)

– It’s a massive myth that theatres, galleries and arts centres are just for rich people. Entrance to our two galleries, the Usher Gallery in Lincoln and the National Centre for Craft and Design is FREE! We do loads of discounted tickets for students and young people on our live shows, and we try hard to keep all of our workshops as cheap as we can.

In fact, you can often come and see a live show for less money than it costs to go to a mainstream cinema chain (and that’s before you buy popcorn, drinks etc).For the same money, if not cheaper, you could see somethingoriginal, unexpected and probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen before (by the way if you’re a total film buff, many of our venues double up as cinemas showing blockbuster films throughout the year with all your favourite cinema snacks available to buy- and the tickets are cheaper, too.)

Arts venues aren’t scary or ‘posh’. We welcome everyone! If you’re not quite sure what to expect when you visit us then check out our bog basic guide to visiting an arts venue.


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