The Buried Moon: A Lincolnshire Folktale

things to do in lincolnshire

by The Babbling Vagabonds Theatre Company

LOV Co-Commissioning Venues: Stamford Arts Centre, The Terry O’Toole Theatre (North Hykeham) and the Riverhead Theatre (Louth)

 What was it about?

The Buried Moon is a traditional Lincolnshire folktale passed down through generations. It tells the tale of the Moon Maiden who lights up the Lincolnshire fens, protecting local villagers from the nasty Boggles, Bogarts and other creatures that sneak out in the dark when the moon doesn’t shine.

However, one night, the Moon Maiden is caught by the spooky creatures of the night and it is up to the brave villagers nearby to save her and make the fenlands safe again.

LOV commissioned an exciting, brand new live stage production of the story to be created by The Babbling Vagabonds, a company based in the East Midlands. LOV also developed an extensive outreach project surrounding the production involving Lincolnshire schools and local communities.

The show toured around 5 LOV venues before going on a national tour in Autumn 2011.

Buried Moon Outreach Work

The Buried Moon was supported by a detailed outreach programme that stretched right across the county, involving over 600 children and their families.

LOV Storyboxes

LOV created 3 storyboxes filled with all sorts of props and items featured in the story, including the Moon Maiden’s magical cloak, the Wise Woman’s mirror and even a Beastly Boggle puppet! The boxes toured around 12 schools across the county in Stamford, Louth, North Hykeham, Lincoln and Spalding. The boxes were also used in special Storytelling & Craft sessions at Grantham and Stamford Libraries.

The storyboxes won’t just be used for The Buried Moon though- now we’ve got them we intend to use them for all sorts of upcoming projects throughout all of the LOV venues, so watch this space!

The Buried Moon Storybook: LOV’s newly illustrated version of the original folktale

As part of the Buried Moon Storybox project, LOV printed a special storybook of the original folktale with brand new illustrations by local artist Anna Spencer.

The book was included in the Storyboxes as they travelled around schools and libraries, was available to purchase when the production went on tour, and is now available to borrow through the Lincolnshire Library Catalogue.

To purchase your own copy of this unique Storybook for just £5, please contact Anna Wilson on 07810855957.


LOV Boggle Hunt

Many of the LOV venues showing The Buried Moon hid pictures of some of the creatures that feature in the story all around their venues! Children taking part in the hunt had to run around and found the locations for the chance to win a prize.



Scratch performances and pre-show workshops

‘Scratch’ performances of The Buried Moon took place at Stamford Arts Centre and The Terry O’Toole Theatre. This is where The Babbling Vagabonds shared ideas for the show with an audience, using feedback from those watching to shape the final production.

The Babbling Vagabonds also provided pre-show workshops for family audiences and schools.

Check out photos of our Buried Moon outreach work below!

 Audience Reaction to the scratch performance

In this video an audience member at the scratch performance describes his reaction to The Buried Moon


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