Raisin & Willow’s Something Wonderful

Something Wonderful is coming to Lincolnshire this year.

Liverpool based artists Jonathan Raisin and Elizabeth Willow will be exploring the towns and villages of Lincolnshire this year to discover the stories and characters that make this such an interesting county.

Seen through the “eyes of strangers” they will be inspired by things lost and found, second-hand objects, overheard conversations and snatches of sound, fragments, glimpses and everyday normality as well as strangeness.

The project has been commissioned by Lincolnshire One Venues whose aim is to bring exciting and varied new works to the county. Raisin & Willow will spend time in and around the LOV venues researching the place and people, gleaning raw material for the project and gathering objects that tell a story. They have already been enthralled by the steepness of Lincoln’s hill; the winding of clocks in the Usher Gallery; the picture windows and views of rooftop from The National Centre for Craft & Design in Sleaford and the market days in Spalding.

Something Wonderful will culminate in an autumnal series of extraordinary events, activities, exhibits, performances and surprises taking place in Lincoln, North Hykeham, Grantham, Spalding, Stamford and Sleaford. At the heart of these events, will be ‘The Penny Readings’ a collection of new Lincolnshire tales written and conceived by Raisin & Willow and performed across the area following the tradition of Charles Dickens who from the 1840s onwards travelled the country giving readings for just one penny.

Watch out for Something Wonderful happening near you …..

Keep up-to-date with Raisin and Willow’s discoveries of Lincolnshire via their blog: http://somethingwonderfuliscoming.wordpress.com/


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