What is LOV?

10 of Lincolnshire’s arts venues are working together to let people know just how much is going on in this vibrant county, embarking on groundbreaking projects that aim to make the arts in Lincolnshire more exciting, unique and accessible to everyone.

 What does this mean for you?

  • It’s easier than ever before to find out about great events happening right across Lincolnshire. Whatever you’re interested in, whether its visual arts, crafts, dance, theatre, film, music or learning new skills through workshops, we’re here to help
  • By working together we can support and create new work, help promote local talent and give the people of Lincolnshire more opportunities to get involved with events going on in the county – everyone benefits!
  •  At a time when money is tight, by working together we’re making more of what we have. This means we won’t have to resort to hiking up ticket prices by crazy amounts, or stopping all of your favourite events due to limited funds. We’re also working as hard as we can to preserve and improve the services we currently provide, making sure that the arts scene in Lincolnshire doesn’t just survive, but thrives.

What does it mean for our venues and working partners?

 The arts centres are a stronger force working together, sharing audience data, experience and methods of good practice.
– We get the additional support of an Audience Development worker on-site one day a week as well being part of co-ordinated audience development projects across all venues
– Production of new co-commissioned work inside Lincolnshire
– Up to the minute training for marketing and venue managers, keeping us up to date with the latest trends and strategies
– Partnership working enabling members with Arts Council funding to continue to receive funding support through a joint bid and all venues to become more effective in fundraising bids
– Developing stronger relationships with Lincolnshire communities.


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